Devlog #4: MASSIVE Prototype 2.0 Update

Devlog #4: MASSIVE Prototype 2.0 Update

Download Prototype 2.0 here:

In the middle of grant applications this month, we managed to squeeze some time to put up an incredibly big update, which we call Prototype 2.0. It deserves the 2.0 versioning! Here’s a summary of what you can expect:

Vault-ful of improvements for you, reapers of souls: much improved exploration, arm yourself with unique legendary loot and soul gear, and reap new exciting monsters’ soul!


This is very much still a prototype. It has LOTS of bugs. Probably even more than before.


Here’s a full list of changes:


  • Walk in any direction (works great with a PS4 Joystick)
  • No more room switching (it was frustrating)
  • Dash! (R1 on PS4 controller, or “1” on keyboard) (dodge monsters more strategically)
  • Can now also go upstairs (combined with the feature below, it makes it much easier to farm souls you’re looking for)
  • Floors are not random anymore (combined with the feature above, it makes it much easier to farm souls you’re looking for)
  • You can now jump to any floor you want (combined with the feature above, it makes it much easier to farm souls you’re looking for)
  • Improved monster movement AI (makes exploring the vault more eventful and exciting)
  • One new, nicer layout (but still could be much better with more time)


  • Basic support for Debuffs (no visual cues yet) (poison damage each turn, slow target for x turns).
  • Monsters now drop treasure (makes winning combat more interesting)


  • 10 legendary loot (there were zero before) (changes how you play the game)
  • More better trading recipes (trade level 100 souls to obtain guaranteed legendary loot)

  • Lots of new Soul Gear (game changing combinations of souls on multi-slotted loot)

3 new monsters:

  • Octoblader (Bladed spider throwing speed-altering spider webs. (debuff))

  • Volcadillo (Armadillo with a volcano on its back. Catapults meteors for AOE damage)

  • Cursed Snake (Spits poisonous saliva, dealing DoT. Acts as “turret” in the vault)


  • Game balance tweaks (still a lot more to do here)
  • New Game Icon (chosen by the community)

  • You don’t lose your levels anymore (we want to dissociate Soul Reaper from Roguelikes)
  • You can reset your stat points.

The Bad

  • We broke the lava in the vault. It may be fixed in the next major version.
  • Debuffs from the Octoblader and Volcadillo are NOT shown on the screen currently.

What’s next?

Prototype 3.0! 3.0 will mostly be about improved combat.

Here’s what to expect:

  • Unreap feature! Summon monsters to fight by your side!
  • 3 new unique monsters. Feline Clawer, Burning Worm and Shield Turtle.
  • Combat buffs. More armor for x turns, more resistance for x turns.
  • AOE actions. — shape, | shape and + shape (line, column and cross)
  • Much improved combat UI.
  • Much improved flow and stability of combat.
  • More better maps.
  • More legendary loot
  • More Soul Gear
  • More Trade Recipes
  • Ongoing game balancing.

What do you think?

Play the prototype 2.0 and let us know what you think. We’re leaving prototype 1.0 up for download as well so you can compare. We think 2.0 is a major step in the right direction. Do you agree or disagree?

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