Soul Reaper Version 0.1.2p1 Is Live!

Hello fellow reapers of souls!

Today we’re hitting you up with a surprise patch: 0.1.2p1!

For the sake of brevity (we have souls to reap too, you know!), here’s the change log (in order they were fixed no less!):

(Potential spoiler alerts below)

  • Fixed the Astronaut artifact set giving a bonus of 1% instead of 100%
  • Reduced the Fire Damage of the Drakey Toothey
  • Created a level 200 version of the Drakey Toothey
  • Fixed bug where the following passive attributes from Souls in loot were 10x higher then they were designed to be: Physical, Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Poison, Light, and Dark Damage. This affects the following souls: Inferndhole, Cannondorf, Stabbytabby, Hydroviathan, Snipine, Cyclord, Helminoth, Phantomb, Portobellows, Toxicritter, Boozooka, Cthulhu, and Shadooze. (more on that below)
  • Fixed some issues starting in New Game Plus
  • Fixed area where you can go off the map in Elysium 2
  • Fixed Soul Reaper illuminating rocks on some Elysium maps
  • Temporarily removed the Cancel button from the World Map screen (it wasn’t working as designed)
  • Fixed a typo in Percie’s dialogue
  • Fixed Reset Station giving you infinite stat points
  • Fixed monster issues in Polarus 25, Elysium 15, and Elysium 25
  • Fixed being able to destroy igloos before collecting them
  • Fixed teleporter in Elysium 25 not leading to the right map
  • Fixed size of panel for devouring souls
  • Fixed size of panels for smithing
  • Fixed treasure chest not opening in Elysium 7
  • Fixed bat triggers in Volcanheim 14
  • Fixed waypoint to Jeff not displaying at the right spot on the World Map
  • Fixed soul level display on the victory panel

What’s up with the nerf?

Did you read the bolded change above? Well, that broke the game in ways never intended (are there intended ways to break the game in the design?).

What’s important to note about this nerf is that it will give you a lot more options about how to be strong, as opposed to relying only on these attributes and being completely indestructible.

Here’s a screenshot from one of our top players:

He was doing 1.3M damage. That’s enough to kill the final boss 10x in a single hit. He even reported doing over 2M damage in 0.1.2. He has a stellar team and should be rewarded for his efforts (he played over 110 hours). Even with the current patch, he’ll still destroy the final boss in a single hit while doing 10x less damage.

This change makes other options just as efficient as the whole method, allowing players to play with the style they want to play, and making all other souls just as valuable.

We think that this change makes the game more fun for more people overall.

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That about wraps things up for this update! The feedback we’ve been receiving continues to shape our work for the better, so please don’t hesitate to share your opinion with us! Our Discord and Steam Community are the easiest ways of making your voice heard, but feel free to reach out to us via any of our social media links below! Stay tuned for further updates, and we’ll see you fine folks next time!

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