Reaper Fragments + Mac Build Update

Salutations, Reapers! I hope your ventures are treating you well, and that you've been nabbing some excellent souls along the way! While I, a humble cat with a hook, don't find myself challenging monsters all too often, I do squeal with delight whenever I knock out some Reefraffs. My love for fish is truly undying! (The same cannot be said about my cooking… I just bring them home and my family does the rest.)

Anyway! Enough about that; Soul Reaper is under two weeks away from launching onto Steam Early Access! The folks over here at Power Level Studios have been pouring their souls (I've made this joke before, haven't I?) into this game, and it's a fantastic feeling to know we're almost there!

To help prepare Reapers of both new and old, I've compiled a series of short videos showcasing Reaper Fragments! I ran a mini-series this week, and here's the culmination of my work! (Video editing with a hook and claw is tricky, but definitely doable!)

Emotion Commotion

Reaper Fragments are bits of the Soul Reaper's psyche that were forcefully separated from his body! (That Herald guy is gonna pay!) They've each taken sentient form in a Soul Reaper lookalike, and behave according to their assigned emotion.

Seven?! I knew the Soul Reaper was popular, but he's got quite the fan club now that his soul has been severed! That's a lot of doppelgangers…

Each Fragment will apply a specific Row Bonus if the Soul Reaper is used in combat. You'll also be able to gain more XP from devouring souls depending on which Fragment you currently have selected! (For more details, see our Guide here!)

Arrogant, the first Reaper Fragment you unlock, boosts Fire Damage across Soul Reaper's row!

While outside of combat, Reaper Fragments dictate how the Soul Reaper will behave in conversation! Try swapping them before boss fights to prompt different discussions!

The Romantic Fragment makes the Soul Reaper sweet-talk almost everyone he comes across. It's quite amusing!

Lastly, when all Reaper Fragments are collected, the Soul Reaper's eyes will return to a bright white. You still have control over which Fragment to select, so be mindful of your current damage bonus and emotion!

It feels good to be whole! (He was looking like he needed eye-drops for a moment there…)

Upon death, Reaper Fragments are lost in a LIFO format. In other words, the last one you collected is the first one to go! Fret not, however, as you can always rematch a doppelganger later! Return to the place you discovered the Fragment, and he'll be waiting!

Currently, Soul Reaper has one ending fully complete. While Reaper Fragments won't influence the resolution of the game just yet, we do have plans to include alternate endings based on which Fragment is used for the final fight. In the meantime, try speaking with bosses or NPCs with different Fragments! There's plenty of unique dialogue already in the game; we hope you enjoy some of the peculiar discussions you'll find Soul Reaper partake in!

A Notice For Mac Users

During the Open Beta, we've been vigilant at releasing each updated build simultaneously for both Windows and Mac. We're big fans of both platforms, and over the years, much of Soul Reaper was actually programmed + tested on Macbook devices!

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, the Mac release of the Early Access build will need to be pushed back by a few weeks. As per Apple's new requirements, games now have to go through a notarization process that we previously didn't need to account for. (Unreap Commander's Mac version required no such thing.) We're looking to resolve the issue as quickly as we can, but for now, we sadly won't be able to commit to a Mac release for February 4th.

As a consolation, we'll be extending the Mac version of Soul Reaper's Open Beta until the Early Access build is approved. While not as polished, Mac users will still be able to get a feel for how Soul Reaper's main gameplay loop functions via the Open Beta. We understand this isn't a perfect compromise by any means, and we apologize to those who were looking forward to playing the Mac version at launch. We've updated our Steam page to reflect this change, and we'll let the community know the moment we have a date for the Mac release.

For Further Updates

Not exactly the happiest note to leave off of, but rest assured, we'll let you know more the moment we can! You'll see us posting content fairly regularly to our social media, so we'll drop some links below in case you wanted to stay tuned! (In addition, feel free to send us a message on whichever platform you like! We're always open to suggestions!) Thanks again for supporting us, and we'll see you fine folks in the next update!

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