Soul Reaper - Ver. 0.0.6 Springs Out!

It's been a long and perilous journey for the Soul Reaper. After suffering a harrowing defeat by the hands of the Herald, our hero was forced to start from ground zero. With a hazy memory and split psyche, he fought his way through The Vault to regain his faculties and amass an army even greater than before. Now, in Version 0.0.6, you can finally take your shot at the Herald once more! Use the abilities you’ve learned from defeated bosses to clear a way forward, and make The Midnight Council regret ever having crossed your path!

You'll need to make use of every Overworld boss ability in order to reach The Midnight Council!

The entire ending sequence isn't quite ready yet, but you'll still be able to get the rematch you've been waiting for! Brush up on your strategies, and give the Herald all you've got! The fate of The Vault depends on it!

Identifying The Way Forward

The newest build also packs in some nice QoL identifiers! For starters, area names now pop up on the Overworld to help give players a better sense of their current location.

Dangerous Detour? Uh oh…

We've also added a Poison element type icon, and touched up the Row Bonus display to make it look even better!

Green bubbles indicate Poison types, and the Row Bonus display now highlights the selected row via the miniature 3x3 grid.

Oh, one more thing before we move onto the next section! Percie is now back when Soul Smithing, this time presenting her original color scheme! We definitely missed her, and it's great to see her around again!

Even in the darkness of The Void, she's quite the cheerful lady!

0.0.6 Changelog

As always, there's more to an update than simply meets the eye! Here's Version 0.0.6's changelog, courtesy of Danny Forest!


  • Showing equipped fragment portrait on game file select screen
  • Now showing the name of the location where you are in the Vault
  • New poison icon
  • You can accelerate/decelerate combat using RT or LT (Mac only at the moment)
  • If selected squad has no units in it, add Soul Reaper by default
  • New final boss sequence


  • Better controller support in combat
  • Better balance of blind attribute for Mumommy, Gastroblast, and Anglimmer
  • Better monster placement in some of Volcanheim's maps
  • Much improved early game fights
  • Removed all curse words from loot descriptions
  • Chests can now be dismissed with Accept or Cancel buttons
  • Better dialogues for Vipo
  • Much improved Row Bonus display in combat
  • Much improved Soul Smithing screen
  • Balancing of various soul row and socket bonuses

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed average effectiveness calculations
  • Fixed Insecure Reaper not having any combat background
  • Monsters in Vault were not ordered properly on the Z axis
  • Few boss and Reaper dialogue typos and animations fixed
  • Fixed Opponent bosses looking the wrong way (The Herald for example)
  • Ton of scrollbar jumping issues in the Menu when the player had a lot of souls and loot collected
  • Put back the cursor during dialogues for easy skip
  • Prevented a glitch where you could quickly open/close the menu and go over platforms in the Vault
  • Fixed 3rd save file duplicating display from the last selected game file
  • Fixed equipping loot on Soul Reaper sometimes unequipping other loot
  • Fixed Life On Hit and Life Steal triggering for every target on the caster's turn
  • Fixed the "Apply All Actions to All Targets" attribute always triggering as long as you had more than 0% chance of triggering it
  • Poisoned monsters lingering when dying while having a life regen buff

The Animation Sensation (Rabbit and Fish Edition)

With all this discussion about updates, we can't forget about our beloved monsters! Check out our Bunippy and Clownanha Animation Previews below!

This little guy is adorable! Well, minus the blood, and the spikes, and… Okay, never mind. This is quite the vicious-looking healer!

The old adage of "fish are friends, not food," may not apply to this particular clownfish. Is that a piranha's jaw he's using?

Follow Us!

That's about it for this update! Remember to check out Version 0.0.6 at, and let us know what you think! The feedback we've been receiving has helped shape these updates for the better, so please don't hesitate to share your opinion with us! Our Discord and Steam Community are the easiest ways of making your voice heard, but feel free to reach out to us via any of our social media links below! Stay tuned for further updates, and we'll see you fine folks next time! Keep warm during this frigid month of December, and most importantly of all, have yourselves a good one!

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