Soul Reaper: Unreap Commander Prototype 1.1 coming out next week!

Download 1.0 here.

Hey fellow Commanders,

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been really busy with redesigning the UI for Unreap Commander. I’m happy to say that it’s almost done and will be ready to ship next week.

Here’s what you can expect from 1.1:

  • Full-UI redesign;
  • Mouse controls instead of keyboard controls;
  • Slower-paced combat to make it easier to understand what is going on;
  • New animations for all Unreaps;
  • More Training options;
  • Eased difficulty curved;
  • New menu music; and
  • Feats were temporarily removed from the game.

Here some unedited videos of some of the changes:

Coming up next

  • Assign customized “Roles” for each Unreap in your Squad;
  • New Unreaps;
  • New Loot;
  • Some bug fixes; and
  • Some UI polish

Let us know

We hope you’ll like these changes. Let us know what you think. Is it better than before? Worst? What do you like or dislike? Any other comments?

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