Unreap Commander Alpha: Starting the Year Right!

We’re in our second week of 2018, and the holiday glee may already be wearing of. So, here’s a tidbit for you fellow Reapers that may just make your blood pumping again:

The Soul Reaper: Unreap Commander Alpha Version is out (download it here) now! The PLS development team wasn’t just out merry-making during the holidays; everyone was busy (and still is) preparing for the release of the game’s significantly improved version.

The changes, in a nutshell

Danny talked about all the changes in his most recent Medium article, but I’ll go ahead and give you a preview of what you can expect with Alpha:

· Full-UI redesign;

· Mouse controls instead of keyboard controls;

· Slower-paced combat to make it easier to understand what is going on;

· New animations for all Unreaps;

· More Training options;

· Eased difficulty curved;

· New menu music; and

· Feats were temporarily removed from the game.

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We’ve got the teaser coming out soon, which is another thing to look forward to.

A big round of applause for and much thanks to…

Taylor Wright, who gave us extremely valuable UI/UX and Major redesign inputs! You’ll see snippets of the redesign in the teaser, and in full action once you’ve downloaded and started playing the Alpha version.

In any case, we would be eternally grateful for any feedback from you, Commanders.

And one last thing before I sign off…

Let’s all have a great start this 2018, and cheers to a more fruitful indiedev year!

Soul Reaper: Rise of the Unreaps

Download here.

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