Soul Reaper - Ver. 0.0.5 Sneaks In!

We meet again! (And so soon, too!) Power Level Studios has been knocking out the checklist of bugs one-by-one, and our newest build implements some excellent changes made to Soul Reaper's UI. If you've played one of the recent versions, you'll have noticed that the pause menus were becoming somewhat homologous. Everything was starting to blend together, making navigation rather difficult at times. In Version 0.0.5, however, the menus have been improved significantly! Check out the massive screenshot comparison below for a quick look at the changes!

Squad Screens:

Squad selection in 0.0.4.

Squad selection in 0.0.5. Power levels are better displayed, and the equipped squad is now highlighted with color.

Squad management in 0.0.4.

Squad management in 0.0.5. Plenty of visual improvements, and units now face the right direction.

Soul Reaper's Menu:

Soul Reaper's menu in 0.0.4.

Soul Reaper's menu in 0.0.5. Item rarity is now easily displayed, and gold trim indicates the presence of Soul Gear.


Inventory menu in 0.0.4.

Inventory menu in 0.0.5. General visual improvements and larger font for the heading.


Feats screen in 0.0.4.

Feats screen in 0.0.5. Bars thinned out to display more info, and overall look has been differentiated from Vipo's Feats screen.


Reapedia menu in 0.0.4.

Reapedia menu in 0.0.5. As seen with squad management, Stats and Row Bonus sections are organized to stand out more prominently. Element type now properly displays.


Settings menu in 0.0.4.

Settings menu in 0.0.5. It gets its own space instead of being an overlay, and the new design makes it much easier to navigate.

It should also be noted that the background now changes with location. For example, pausing in Polarus will bring up the icy landscape behind the menus.

Looks a little cold to be sitting there, but if he doesn't mind…

In addition, we've also improved the Feats menu. It received a visual overhaul back in 0.0.4, and now features one-button claiming. Claim your rewards by simply clicking on the completed status bar (or "Turn in" button). It's been far more streamlined!

Vipo hands out some nice prizes, so remember to check back with her every now and then!

As always, there's more to every update than meets the eye! Here's the changelog for Version 0.0.5, courtesy of Danny Forest!

0.0.5 Changelog

  • Massive menu improvements all around
  • Vastly improved controller support
  • Fixed a teleporter issue leading to the Alchemutant
  • Fixed a soft lock caused by the Constelight in combat
  • Improved UI when claiming Feats from Vipo

Dashing Good Looks (That Could Kill!)

Over the past week, we've uploaded two short videos highlighting Loot Artifacts and Soul Gear. Taking advantage of these systems can improve your performance in battle significantly, and it's a lot of fun experimenting with the perks generated from the right amount of customization!

A more comprehensive outline of both these systems can be found in our Guides section, but for a quick tl;dr:

Loot Artifact: Piece of loot belonging to a specific set which, when 3 pieces of its corresponding set are equipped across a row of units, grants special bonuses to each unit in the row.

Soul Gear: Combinations of specific souls and loot pieces that produce special bonuses to the wearer.

Take a look at the videos below for a brief overview, and enjoy experimenting with the plethora of combinations available!

Artifacts can make your army both fashionable and deadly! Costume party, anyone?

By slotting the right souls into the right loot, you'll add some highly lethal side effects to your attacks!

If you ever want a quick refresher, you can open up the Settings tab in the menu, and click on the corresponding "Help" button for either section! We've listed plenty of combinations you can try out, so feel free to give it a gander when needed!

Feedback Feeds The Reaper

It cannot be overstated just how vital criticism is to our work. (It's an important part of any Reaper's diet!) The content of these updates has been shaped around, and made possible by, the feedback we've been receiving from the community! It's been fantastic having players assist with the development process, and Soul Reaper is looking better each day because of it! Thank you all for your continued support, and feel free to reach out to us if you'd like to share your opinion!

For general thoughts on the game, its mechanics, progression etc., we'd love to hear about it on our Steam Community Forum! (Discord works well too!)

For oddities, exploits, glitches etc., don't hesitate to use our Bug Reporting Form if you'd like our team to take a look!

Follow Us!

That about wraps things up for this update! Remember to check out Version 0.0.5 at and let us know what you think! Our Discord and Steam Community are the easiest ways of making your voice heard, but feel free to reach out to us via any of our social media links below! Stay tuned for further updates, and we'll see you fine folks next time! Try to keep warm during this frigid month of December, and most importantly of all, have yourselves a good one!

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